The text of the Ramsar Convention and other key original documents

Citation: "Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat. Ramsar (Iran), 2 February 1971. UN Treaty Series No. 14583. As amended by the Paris Protocol, 3 December 1982, and Regina Amendments, 28 May 1987."

The present text of the Ramsar Convention, 2 February 1971 (also Français, Español, Deutsch) (entered into force 21 December 1975), including all amendments to the original

The original text of the Ramsar Convention, 1971, unamended; The Final Act of the International Conference on Conservation of Wetlands and Waterfowl, Ramsar, Iran, 1971 (with 11 recommendations) (also Español)

The Paris Protocol to amend the Convention, 3 December 1982 ( also Français, Español), and the Final Act of the Extraordinary Conference of the Parties, Paris, December 1982 (also Español) (entered into force 1 October 1986)

The Amendments to Articles 6 and 7 (the "Regina Amendments), 28 May 1987 (entered into force 1 May 1994)

Ratifications of the Convention, the Protocol, and the Amendments

UNESCO's official list of accessions and ratifications and reservations (UNESCO Web site)

The Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention (English, Français, Español)

The List of Wetlands of International Importance ("Ramsar Sites")

Ramsar Sites in order of designation (PDF)

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The Convention today

Number of » Contracting Parties: 168 Sites designated for the
» List of Wetlands of
International Importance
2,186 Total surface area of designated sites (hectares): 208,674,247

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