Romania, host country of Ramsar COP11


Comana Natural Park (Parcul Natural Comana), Peonia peregrina / Andra Nuta

Romania’s territory features splendid mountains, beautiful rolling hills, fertile plains and numerous rivers and lakes. The Carpathian Mountains traverse the centre of the country, bordered on both sides by foothills, and finally the great plains of the outer rim. Forests cover over one quarter of the country, and the fauna is one of the richest in Europe, including bears, deer, lynx, chamois, and wolves. The legendary Danube River ends its eight-country journey at the Black Sea, after forming the largest deltas in Europe and one of the most impressive wetlands in the world, the Danube Delta.

Capital city of Romania - Bucharest

Bucharest has a large number of landmark buildings and monuments. Perhaps the most prominent of these is the Palace of the Parliament, built in the 1980s during the reign of Nicolae Ceauşescu. Currently the largest building in Europe and the second-largest in the world, the Palace houses the Romanian Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate), as well as the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The building also boasts one of the largest convention centres in the world and will be the venue for Ramsar COP11.

For general information on excursions, cultural sites, hotels, restaurants, map of Bucharest, city tours and more, please visit the official COP11 website of the host country,

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