Biodiversity is Us: the new campaign of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

WAZA launched the biggest global biodiversity campaign to date, highlighting the rich array of animal and plant species on our planet and the simple steps everyone can take to help protect them.

About 1.75 million animal and plant species have been identified so far, but scientists estimate that this is only a small fraction of their actual number. The diversity of species, their combination and interaction have created the conditions for humans to evolve on earth, and are still vital to all of us.

Wetlands are great examples of ecosystems that, thanks to their rich biodiversity, provide essential services to nature and humanity, including clean water, food and protection from floods, but also opportunities for recreation and tourism.

The campaign features the blue tang, Paracanthurus hepatus, living in coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Wetlands are also among the most threatened natural environments – many have been reclaimed for construction or agriculture, and many have been degraded by pollution or unsustainable practices such as overfishing. Using wetlands wisely, or sustainably, can ensure they continue providing goods and services to people and nature.

“Biodiversity is Us” encourages everyone to take action, through a fun and informative mobile app, videos and social media.

400 animal species are featured in the mobile app, many of which live in or near wetlands. Among the five animals appearing on the campaigns banners, three are closely linked to wetlands: the blue tang, a fish typical of coral reefs, the red-eyed tree frog that lives as a tadpole in rainforest ponds, and the dolphin, of which some species live in rivers, estuaries and marine coastal areas.

The materials, available in five languages, will be distributed to WAZA’s network of zoos and aquariums, with over 700 million visitors each year, and can be downloaded online at:

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