Ramsar Scientific and Technical Briefing Notes


The Ramsar Scientific and Technical Briefing Notes series is prepared by the Ramsar Convention's Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) in order to share relevant, credible and interesting scientific and technical information on wetlands with a broad audience. Briefing Notes are reviewed internally by STRP members and an internal editorial panel, comprised of the STRP Chair and the responsible Thematic Work Area lead or task lead, assisted by the Convention's Deputy Secretary General and Scientific and Technical Support Officer.

Briefing Notes are published by the Ramsar Convention Secretariat in English in electronic (PDF) format. When resources permit, they will be published in French and Spanish as well (the other official languages of the Ramsar Convention) and in printed form. For more information about Briefing Notes or to request information on how to correspond with their authors, please contact the Ramsar Secretariat at strp@ramsar.org.

BN no. 1
Introduction to the Briefing Notes series (2012)
Heather MacKay, STRP Chair 2009-2012
BN no. 2
Wetlands and water storage: current and future trends and issues (2012)  [also in French and Spanish]
Mike Acreman, STRP Thematic Work Area Lead for Water Resources 2009-2012
BN no. 3
Avoiding, mitigating, and compensating for loss and degradation of wetlands in national laws and policies (2012) [also in French and Spanish]Royal C. Gardner, STRP Invited Expert 2009-2012; Marcela Bonells, Erin Okuno, Juan Manuel Zarama
BN no. 4The benefits of wetland restoration (2012) [also in French and Spanish]Sasha Alexander, STRP Representative of the Society for Ecological Restoration, Robert J. McInnes, STRP Representative of the Society of Wetland Scientists
BN no. 5Evaluating the risk to Ramsar Sites from climate change induced sea level rise (2012)Alex de Sherbinin, STRP observer for the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Allison Lacko and Malanding Jaiteh (CIESIN)
BN no. 6Towards the wise use of urban and peri-urban wetlands (2013)Robert McInnes, STRP Representative of the Society of Wetland Scientists

The views and designations expressed in these publications are those of its authors and do not represent officially-adopted views of the Ramsar Convention or its Secretariat. These publications may be reproduced for educational or non-commercial purposes without special permission from the copyright holders, provided acknowledgement of the source is made.

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